A music festival is more than music

That is the statement that best summarizes the idea that is intended to be transmitted. Organizing a music festival is not just hiring artists and scheduling 5, 20 or 100 concerts. These quotes have to offer something more. Many have chosen to complement themselves with other artistic expressions, others have preferred to organize small activities with sponsors and brands that match the experience. There are many possibilities and, therefore, the organizers are looking for ways to innovate year after year.

A multi-day musical event does not just take place in the celebration space. The festival continues in the digital universe, specifically in social networks. The preferred one is Facebook, followed by Instagram and Twitter. The organizers of the event take the opportunity to broadcast communications and share content, while attendees use them to show how they spend their time or to contact the meeting staff.

How does a music festival go beyond concerts?

In that sense, it is not unreasonable to also talk about the festival in the networks, because here continue the photos, anecdotes, information or videos that can be consulted by those who have missed a concert or small event. Some platforms, therefore, that must be taken into account for the future of these great events.