The Coachella festival, which takes place in the middle of the desert, is unique. Not only because of its peculiar location, but also because of the large number of celebrities that come together to see the most prominent groups of the moment or the legion of vendors we meet. Actually, one of the most popular festivals in the United States.


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Another of the biggest music festivals in the United States is Lollapalooza, an open-air festival where you can not forget the cap or the swimsuit to enjoy a long weekend. Humor and dance join indie and alternative rock in Chicago.

South by Southwest (SXSW)
A festival full of surprises, such as the sudden appearance of Lady Gaga in 2014. The SXSW is a unique festival, where the most promising names of music or film act in venues in Austin. Get ready to tour the bars of the Texas capital.


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They say that if you survive Bonnaroo you can do it with everything. There are four days of camping in Manchester, Tennessee, accompanied by the best rock, although it is true that it has opened to other genres to become one of the largest festivals in the US.

If you want to combine the experience of one of the best music festivals in the USA with views in a unique environment, the Sasquatch! It is your festival. It is celebrated in the Gorge Amphitheater, in the state of Washington, on a giant cliff; and the most popular artists do not usually fail. By the way, did you know that Sasquatch is one of the names that Big Foot receives?

Made in America
Suffice it to say that he was founded by Jay Z to understand the importance of Made in America, a festival that grows year by year with the best groups in the world of pop, hip-hop or electronic music. A diversity of genres that attracts more audiences each year.

Electric Daisy Carnival
Las Vegas hosts the EDC, also an acronym for electronic dance music, the best description of a very peculiar festival: the concerts begin with the sunset, and the music lasts until dawn.

Newport Folk Festival

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If you are looking for Popular Music Festivals in the US, with which to get away from the pop world, you can not miss the Newport Folk Festival. A festival more familiar than the macrofestivales, ideal for a weekend of disconnection with the best traditional American music.

Governors Ball
Another of the traditional festivals of the United States, which is celebrated in the New York island of Randall. It is open to all styles, such as pop, rock or hip-hop, and is one of the festivals that attract more stars. Drake, Lana del Rey or Childisj Gambino have passed through his stage.

Warped Tour

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We end with the only festival that passes through several cities throughout the United States. The Warped Tour has more than 40 stops to reach the whole world, and also includes all kinds of styles, from pop to metal or electronics. Find out about your stops to coincide with him in the cities you visit.

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