Find the best artists and bands around the world.

The music lover is insatiable when it comes to seeing his record collection grow more and more, and he never has enough groups or artists on his to-do list. Therefore, a good music lover should know all possible ways to discover new music groups.

Services such as Spotify or Grooveshark are the best known routes for this task, but there are more alternative options that can also give very good results. If you are one of those who never have enough with their musical knowledge and need more, here are three pages that you will love:


A very logical option to discover groups or artists that we may like is to follow their influences, so the option of Music Bloodline is an assured triumph. From there we can start from any band and move backwards exploring who influenced them, or move forward to see who influenced them. Along the way, which can take us hours and hours, we can find additional information and links to listen to Spotify your work.

LAST.FM, DISCOVER NEW INDEPENDENT GROUPS is well known by music lovers, but beyond its traditional functions of social network, radio and statistical tracking service, it has a very special section called Discover. This one attracts attention in the first place for its attractive interface, which transforms our browser into a field where you can explore between labels to discover music from alternative or very little known groups. Surely something good you find.


For One Track Mind, the simplest way to discover new music is to listen to a song for each artist, which serves as a reference. The theory may have its cons, but the fact is that it works to a large extent, so that one is caught up in its selection of specific topics that help us to go on the list of groups that may become our next favorite.